A big Drag Show at Skopje Pride Weekend 2019

A big Drag Show at Skopje Pride Weekend 2019

15 June (Saturday)
Night club STANICA 26


Drag Show: Berlin-Skopje-Belgrade
Pansy, Luna TikTok, Alexander Cameltoe (Berlin);
Tōkyō de Ville, Naöki Onna, Kaja Mor, Vera Vendetta, Divon Jane (Skopje);
Karma Geddonia, Golden Orb, Dita von Bill, Lana Vee (Belgrade),
and DJ set by Ivana Dragsik


PANSY is the stage and internet persona of Parker Tilghman, an artist living and working in Berlin. They view drag as a tool for social justice and focus on promoting the bodies and voices of other female, trans*, and non-binary identified artists. She mixes comedy and camp to discuss heavy topics like HIV, white supremacy, misogyny, mental health, and sexual violence. He believes creating joy is essential to survival in this world. PANSY has performed all over Europe, Australia, America, Korea, and Japan. For the last five years, she has hosted the internationally-renowned House of Presents drag show every Tuesday night at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin. Additionally, he organizes talks on sexual health and responsible drug use in collaboration with Praxis Cordes and Berliner Aidshilfe in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. From 2015 to 2017 they were the founder and director of the YO! SISSY Music Festival, a two-day festival showcasing local and established queer artists in Berlin. Her work has been written about in The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, SPEX Magazin, and more.

Professional teaser and crowd pleaser: Luna TikTok is an award winning Burlesque & Drag performer. Since dropping on the NYC burlesque scene in 2013, “The Tickin’ Time Bombshell” has blown up internationally, dazzling and seducing crowds all around the world . With a fabulous fusion of filth, ferocity and raw sensuality, Luna is a multifaceted delight to the senses that’ll always have you comin’ back for more!

Alexander Cameltoe is the hottest new agent of inter galactic gentrification! Born into supreme royalty in our neighbouring nebula of Cunnilingus Maxima, Alexander abdicated their rightful claim to the throne for a wild adventure and gritty, real experience here on earth. They just needed to find themselves, you know? Their recently acquired human flesh suit is fitting very nicely, and they think they will be hanging around for a little while. Rumor has it that Alexander is a lesbian, but tonight they would like to come out to all of you beautiful people as a Pisces! Hobbies include making their own kale chips, raising minion species of parasitic funghi, finding great deals on vintage clothing and smashing the patriarchy.

Haus of Fauché is the first drag collective from Skopje, aiming for fun and education through art. Although all members from the Haus of Fauché come from different environments and have quite distinctive drag styles, their main purpose is to expose under the spotlight all that society deems as undignified and indecent. Despite the toxic structure and traditional power position in society, they manage to create and develop a revolutionary subculture.

Haus of KayGie is a drag collective from Serbia that supports drag art, club kid fashion and queer culture. The collective consists of 5 queens with their unique style and skill: Karma Geddonia, Golden Orb, Dita von Bill, Mrs. Lilly Café and Lana Vee. The collective organizes local drag shows and queer events for the sake of nurturing and keeping raw queer culture alive and lavishing.

After moving to Aerodrom, Ivana Dragišić started her education in MNT and „Metropol“, and graduated in „Element“, acquiring along the process certificates and degrees at several legendary departments in New York and Berlin. The summer schools on the streets of Skopje were followed by the specialization in „Kanal 103“, where even today, after 12 years, she is working on her latest project “ДISKORДIA – the potential soundtrack of the fall of the patriarchy” together with Stefan Bogeski. With the support of several acclaimed names from the senior white male generation of DJs, and in consultation with the younger non-straight and non-cisgender generation of friends, she quietly found her place on the Skopje and other stages. Her DJ sets are somewhere on the verge of mainstream and the marginal, with refreshed house classics and the latest electro house productions, as well as post-(t)rap excursions. She was awarded with the title Miss Interpretation.