Slavco Dimitrov (born in 1984) graduated at the Department for General and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology at the Ss.Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. He got his first Master’s degree in Gender Studies and Philosophy at the Evro-Balkan Institute, and his second Master’s degree from the Department of Multidisciplinary gender studies at the Cambridge University. Currently he is working on his doctoral thesis at the Evro-Balkan Institute. He has worked as a teaching assistant at the postgraduate gender and cultural studies at the Evro-Balkan University, and at the undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Faculty for media and communications – SINGIDUNUM, Belgrade. In the past few years, he has coordinated a large number of academic projects and summer schools, as well as projects in the domain of human rights and marginalized communities, with special focus on queer activism. He is the founder of the international Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics. He is one of the founders of the Research Center for Cultures, Politics and Identities (IPAK.Center) in Belgrade. He has been working at the Coalition since its beginnings, as a member, coordinator and executive director. His activist interest is directed towards the politics of queerness (queer politics), sexual and gender citizenship and equality, rights of marginalized communities and their transaction with questions concerning social justice.





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  • 2008 – 2011. National Identity and Media, Work Package 4 from Ge.Mi.IC (Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interaction in SEE), Senior Researcher Euro-Balkan Institute: International Research Project granted by EC, FP7
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  • Love Only After School Classes: Assessment of the Need and Availability of Information from the Domain of Sexual Education in Macedonia, Assistant Researcher H.E.R.A, Skopje, Macedonia. Granted by IPPF
  • Media, Non-Discrimination and Marginalized Communities, Assistant Researcher HOPS-Healthy Options Project Skopje: Granted by OSCE