Support for our friends in Croatia!

Support for our friends in Croatia!

Skopje, 14.02.2014

No tolerance for hate and violence, support for our friends in Croatia!

We strongly condemn the tear gas attack in the “Super Super” nightclub in Zagreb, where a LGBTI themed party took place. This heinous hate crime left two innocent people hurt and traumatized many others.

We urge the Croatian authorities to take decisive action against the perpetrators and show with example that hate and intolerance have no place in Croatian society. Swift and uncompromising justice is necessary to ensure the future safety of citizens and protection of LGBTI people’s human rights. The LGBTI Support Center has been targeted by similar continuous attacks over the years. We witnessed firsthand that the lack of action taken by authorities only motivates attackers to engage in more violence towards the LGBTI community. That is why we stand hand in hand with our friends and colleagues in Zagreb and demand protection and justice. Together we say NO to hatred and violence.

Therefore, we ask the Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr Vlaho Orepic and the Croatian government to strongly condemn this hate crime and ensure the public with no hesitance that an unequivocal investigation will be undertaken. The fight for human rights for LGBTI people will not be derailed with such cowardly acts, on the contrary, it will become even stronger and more focused. Love will always trump hate; we stand with Zagreb Pride as one.

With solidarity:

LGBTI Support Center

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia

Coalition ‘Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities’

LGBT United Tetovo