Dalai Lama says gay marriage is ‘OK’ and anti-LGBT bullying is ‘wrong”

Dalai Lama says gay marriage is ‘OK’ and anti-LGBT bullying is ‘wrong”

In a rare interview, the Dalai Lama has said that he thinks same-sex marriage is “OK”, and voiced his disapproval at the bullying of LGBT people.


Speaking to Larry King, in an interview which will air on 10 March, the Tibetan spiritual leader said he thought that it was “OK” for same-sex couples to marry, but went on to say that it was “an individual’s business”.


On whether same-sex marriage should be universally accepted, he said: ”That’s up to the country’s law,” he told King. “I think [it’s] OK! I think that’s an individual’s business. If two people… really feel that way, it’s more practical, satisfaction, and both sides fully agree, then OK!”


When pressed by King on the issue of Russia’s anti-gay law, compared to the increasing number of US states with same-sex marriage, the Dalai Lama said he thought “traditions” should be protected.

He said: ”That I think [is] a personal matter,” he said. “People who have belief or who have special traditions, then you should follow according to your own tradition. Like Buddhism, there are different kinds of sexual misconduct, so you should follow properly.”


On anti-LGBT bullying, he said: “That is wrong,” he said. “That’s a violation of human rights.”


The full interview airs March 10 on Ora.tv, and a clip is available to view here.


Source: Pink News