India ‘goes gay for a day’ to protest gay sex ban

India ‘goes gay for a day’ to protest gay sex ban

India’s youth is fighting back against the Supreme Court’s decision to ban gay sex.



Thousands of straight allies and gay couples have posted pictures of themselves up on Facebook, aiming to celebrate homosexuality.




Organizer Tanmay Sahay said: ‘All you have to do is change your profile picture to one in which you are kissing someone from your gender in protest of the Supreme Court of India’s ruling that criminalizes homosexuality.




‘And at this very difficult time, we must support our friends and family and fellow citizens for their right to express their sexuality.’




One ally wrote: ‘No one [can] take away one’s right to love…You can’t make people criminals for being who they are.




‘Supreme Court you did the stupidest thing ever… The youth of the nation rocks!’


Another user posted a picture of him kissing his friend, adding: ‘Supreme Mis-Judgement!’


A gay couple uploaded a pic, saying: ‘If kissing him is a crime, I’d happily be a criminal forever!’




On Wednesday (11 December), the Supreme Court in India ruled millions of people’s sex lives – 17.5% of the world’s gay population – was illegal.




Colonial era law Section 377 affects an estimated 40 million gay men, and is described by LGBTI activists as ‘the worst event to happen in global gay rights in the past decade.’




Like never before, Facebook in 2013 has become one of the biggest tools people have used to protest against anti-gay laws.




In the US alone, 2.77 million people changed their profile picture to the equal sign against the red background popularized by the Human Rights Campaign.




By raising this sort of awareness, many LGBTI activists believe this was one of the reasons the Defense of Marriage Act was finally repealed




Source:  Gay star news