Dean of Chichester: Being gay is ‘not a choice’

Dean of Chichester: Being gay is ‘not a choice’

The Dean of Chichcester held a public talk at Chichester Cathedral this week, which focussed on equal marriage, during which he reflected on the idea that “homosexuality is a choice not a given”, but also that there was no easy solution to religious opposition to equal marriage.


The Dean – the Very Reverend Nicholas Frayling, led the discussion, which was titled Gay Marriage – Sacrament or Scandal?


Following the talk, a statement from the cathedral read: “As part of Chichester Cathedral’s Education Department’s series of Hot Topics, The Dean of Chichester, Nicholas Frayling, led a lively discussion in a packed Vicars’ Hall.


“Reminding the audience that ‘homosexuality is not a choice but a given,’ the Dean drew on theology to present arguments for both sides before opening up the debate to the wider audience.


“Feelings ran high as people felt able to express their views on this safe and unrecorded occasion, but good humour was retained throughout, and it became clear there was no simple solution to this 21st-century problem.


“Marilyn McInnes, the cathedral’s education officer, thanked the Dean and was struck by the number of people, during and after the session, who said how much they had been helped by the talk, in their own or their families’ personal circumstances.”


Earlier in July, the editor-in-chief of the Chichester Observer Colin Channon also held a talk on the Freedom of the Press, as part of a Hot Topic event.


At Monday’s event, a Chichester Observer reporter had been invited to the event, but was then refused entry.