Action: Solidarity with Pinar Selek

Action: Solidarity with Pinar Selek

Today, on the day of Pinar Selek’s trial, a group of activists from Macedonia organized a symbolic public action, uniting with Selek in her lifelong struggle for a better world.


Pinar Selek (1971) is a sociologist, researcher and a writer. She has published several books, and is known for her work with street children, sexual workers, Roma people and homosexuals, with whom she worked since she was in college. She is one of the founders of Amargi Women’s Solidarity Cooperative, a supporter of vast number of organizations and movements that work for peace, antimilitarism and human rights, as well as an editor of the Amargi Feminist Theory Journal.


Her nightmare lasts for over 14 years now.


The case against Selek can no longer be considered an error or a defect, but undoubtedly a massacre of the laws. Selek was chosen as a target during her research on the Kurdish question in 1997.


Tortured for her work as a researcher, unjustly accused, she has been released from and put back into the courtroom several times, and chances are she still may be convicted to life imprisonment. Refusing to provide the names of the people she interviewed for the research she conducted on the Kurdish question in Turkey, Selek was tortured, and the whole process was covered up with fake reports and additional accusations for other cases which contain evidence of her being unjustly accused.



These actions are a direct violation of her rights, an attempt to batter down her work in the field of human rights and women’s rights, her work with street children, sexual workers, homosexuals, transsexuals and other marginalized groups. This is an attack on the efforts for peace and antimilitarism. We cannot allow for this injustice to happen.


Her example is used to intimidate every intellectual and researcher interested in working on this particular question.


That is why today, the 24th of January 2013, on the day of her last hearing, we expressed our humble and symbolic support for Pinar Selek, together with many organizations worldwide. Let us help Selek fight her way to justice, fight for her rights and the rights of all the people she is fighting for. All in all, this is one world, this is one fight!