Кина ќе ја дозволи сексуалната работа

Кина ќе ја дозволи сексуалната работа

Teachers in California may be required to teach gay history, after a bill was passed in the State Senate last week to add gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people to the list of social and ethnic groups that must be included in social studies lessons, reported the New York Times.

Though schools will have some flexibility in what they choose to teach, textbooks and teaching materials used by California school districts will be required to cover contributions by the LGBT community in California and the U.S. by 2013-2014.

For example, teachers might include lessons on politicians such as Harvey Milk, the first openly gay city official in San Fransico’s history. The bill also requires that lesson materials used by schools do not “reflect adversely” on any religions.

Supporters of the bill say the change will help put a stop to bullying of students for being homosexual, by curbing negative stereotypes some students hold on to.

However, the bill has come up against a considerable amount of opposition. Those against the bill have argued that educating children on same-sex relationships should be a decision for parents to make, not the state.

Certain churches and conservative groups have also questioned how schools will reconcile educating students on contributions of the LGBT community while also teaching them about religions that don’t agree with homosexuality